Visual representation and presentation of the data to facilitate the understanding thereof and to inspire and motivate a course of action.

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RiskCede REPORTS provide insights into data. It detects trends and monitors for any deviation from expected values. It contains numerous reports on benchmarking and profiling; fraud, waste and abuse and simulations and forecasting.

REPORTS transforms numbers into narrative to guide the non-data-expert to take the right actions.

REPORTS is online and interactive so users can perform their own analysis. It also uses models to send users notifications on all identified areas of interest or new findings. Custom reports are also created for client specific needs.

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The REPORTS platform is broken up into individual applications, each one with a specific goal and set of functions and reports.


Analsis on trends, fraud detection, profiling and simulations with automated notifications and reporting.


The Benchmarks application compares key statistics across schemes and countries.


Design and implement surveys, analyse results and mine underlying opiniions and sentiments.


Programmes to manage and monitor patient health. Targeted intervention plans to optimaise outcomes.